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ABC of Case Studies
April 23, 2022

What is case study? Let’s provide an understandable definition for this phenomenon. A case study is some sort of research method that is usually conducted in social science. A case study is usually based on a thorough investigation of a group, single individual or event. In other words, to the question “what is case study?” you may give a simple answer – case study is a research method in professional and academic settings. Before we proceed to the topic of our article, which is dedicated to how to write case study, it is important to say that there is a number of case studies types. For instance, there are exploratory, illustrative, cumulative, critical instance, narrative and medical case studies. Although the variety of case study types is quite wide, the basic guidelines of how to do a case study are the same for any case type.


Nowadays students have access to the latest modern technology that allows them to speak and the PC types. And free dictation software is the representative of such technologies. Nevertheless, even if you use dictation software of the utmost quality you will also have to review the document your laptop has typed. The thing is that even after the dictating machine you will have to correct words and phrases that do not match even closely with what you have dictated. However, there are some ways of how to use dictation software and keep such frustrating process to a minimum.

Really, who is better than famous authors to emulate while writing your own piece of work? People who have already succeeded in their writing careers are experienced enough to provide you with trustworthy recommendations for essay writing. Ernest Hemingway, Jerome Salinger, Scott Fitzgerald and many others shared their own ideas, tips and quips that help students stick to their writing schedule and finally succeed!

Typing Lessons
April 23, 2022

You’re dreaming about typing faster without looking at your keyboard? Surely, it is highly important to be able to type quickly, especially if you are going to find a serious job. In order to learn to do that, you need to get free typing lessons online so as to improve your typing skills. This typing practice will be valuable for any profession and now, when it’s time for summer vacations you have enough time to learn how to type faster.


It’s summertime and seems like the world is singing together with your free soul! Nevertheless, together with lots of spare time you’re provided with an opportunity to improve your writing skills in order to succeed in the next college semester. This article will include information about how to improve writing skills by means of Internet. Learning how to improve writing skills online requires a little bit of dedication. Moreover, in order to know how to improve writing skills in the best manner, you have to give enough time for reading and practice. The point is that it is highly important to read but in general it is not enough. You need to get an actual writing experience. If you’re a self-directed and quite motivated person, there are some ways you may avail in the process of online writing skills training.


5-paragraph essay is a basic outline for every essay genre. Once you have mastered a 5-paragraph essay writing scheme, you will be able to expand it and transform into some other essay type. The following 5-paragraph essay writing tips will provide you with general understanding of how to generate top quality custom essay. When writing a 5 paragraph essay one should be guided by the simple structure scheme: introduction, the body, the conclusion.

So, you have signed a birthday card for you girlfriend with a special poem of your own authorship and sent it together with iPad you’ve bought as a present. The present was cordially accepted but the card was returned together with red marks on your poor English greetings words and with a sign below “Save my life from your nightmarish poems and for God\'s sake improve your English!”

When the question is about critical thinking activities we mean creative thinking, analysing and evaluating of what you hear and read. If you want to become a real ace in critical thinking activities, you have to be able to find out whether the viewpoints of the author are false or true, whether she or he has succeeded in defending his/her ideas, whether the recommendations he/she has provided are practical, and whether all the solutions provided by the author may be useful.

Usually when the question is about critical thinking skills, we mean a form of thinking of higher level. Sometimes critical thinking is related to the scientific way of thinking. The thing is that this way of thinking is some sort of assistance in making important decisions and evaluating different facts. In order to improve critical thinking skills, one should work it out to be able to make a decision of more intelligent nature.

A lot of students learn how to generate a top quality term paper but unfortunately not all of them pay attention at how to write a term paper outline. Term paper outline is a detailed plan which includes the content and paper organization information. To create a solid outline for term paper one should include the most important brief information about the paper in the order in which it is presented in the paper. Thus, it is highly important to learn how to write a term paper outline because the student gets an opportunity to organize his information in correct academic fashion.

Extended Essay Guidelines
April 23, 2022

In order to do well on the extended essay writing assignment, you have to be fully aware of all the recommendations and requirements provided in your college/university extended essay guide. Also read and follow extended essay guidelines provided below.

At some point of your college life you will be assigned with a task to generate an autobiographical essay. There are a lot of people who are delighted with an opportunity to share their life experiences, but there are also individuals who get a bit of shock because of this task.

“About Me” Essay Tips
April 23, 2022

Many students think that there’s nothing extraordinary about their lives when they have to deal with “About me essay” task. Nevertheless, if you pay due attention to “About me essay” and bring together all the memories from the past you will definitely find something that will be interesting for your reader. Moreover, you have an opportunity to skip all the everyday details and devote your paper to some single event that has influenced your life. Thus, you have to carefully select your topic and do your best in order to describe the event as effectively as possible.

Use of Thesis Software
April 23, 2022

Thesis writing requires skillfulness and creative thinking. Moreover, it is practically impossible to write an informative thesis without considerable experience in writing research papers. That is exactly why many people face complications when it comes to writing thesis papers. If you find research paper writing quite difficult, do not fall into despair, since there is something that may facilitate the process for you. Nowadays, it is not a problem to find specially designed thesis writing software on the Internet, which may really be of great help to you.

Dissertation methodology is often considered to be one of the main chapters of your dissertation, which aims at informing the reader about the way the research was conducted and implemented. There is a number of aspects you should be aware of to write an informative dissertation methodology. To write this chapter of your dissertation, you should have a general idea of the existing research methods generally applied when writing a dissertation. Do not forget to mention what research methods exactly were used by you in your study. It is often underlined that the way your dissertation methodology is written reflects your general understanding of the basic principles of conducting the research.

Dissertation writing is not easy. When you are just going to write your dissertation, you may be anxious about the whole process of writing as well as the result you’ll obtain having accomplished it. Any dissertation should be composed of several chapters and presupposes profound knowledge of theoretical material, the need to provide proper citing of the used sources and related materials and correct information management. In order to show how grateful you are to people who have helped you writing your dissertation, you are expected to write a dissertation acknowledgement.

A term paper is a research written work, which is typically accomplished by students at the end of an academic term and is aimed at describing events, concepts or stating some points of view. Term papers usually influence students’ final grades. Unfortunately, there are students who underestimate the importance of their term papers and are not serious about writing them mainly because their teachers do not provide them with the detailed term paper guideline. However, if your teacher has not explained you the way your term paper should be written, it does not mean that this process should be neglected.

How to Write Book Review
April 23, 2022

Writing book reviews is always interesting and not quite difficult, because there are practically no requirements and you may choose any form and style of writing. A book review refers to literary criticism and implies complete analysis of a book, based on its style, content, positive and negative aspects etc. Book reviews are typically published in periodicals. However, students are frequently required to write book reviews during their literature course as well.

Essay Transition Words
April 23, 2022

Essay writing is a time-taking and demanding process. Students who want their essays to be highly rated by their professors should know that essay transition words and phrases constitute an essential part of any written paper. They are like glue, which holds the whole written text together. Transition words are very important in organizing your thoughts and joining sentences in order to create an informative, attention-grabbing and well-sounding essay.


Theory of Knowledge essay (TOK essay) is an essential part of the compulsory coursework, which should be written by each IB student in order to get the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Successful TOK essay writing involves specific skills and knowledge acquired during the TOK course. TOK essay should contain up to 1600 words. The topic of the essay is chosen by the student from the list of ten topics offered by the IB. Each topic embraces cross-disciplinary questions based on the course material and each student is required to develop the suggested topic and draw the corresponding conclusions in the TOK essay.

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