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Writing a research paper is always complicated and challenging, irrespective of the topic you are given. One of the major problems faced by the majority of students is starting a research paper. As soon as you have conducted the research according to the topic of your paper, you have to think about your paper’s composition. The first thing you will have to write is introduction. Undoubtedly, research paper introduction should be paid special attention to, because the more thoroughly it is thought over, the more chances you will have to write the whole research paper quickly and successfully.

Essay writing is always complicated and challenging. To write a unique academic essay, a student has to demonstrate sharp mind, awareness of the offered topic, quick reaction and special essay writing skills. All these aspects are decisive when it comes to writing essays in class. How is it possible to facilitate the process of essay writing? Despite the fact that all essay assignments differ, there are still several basic principles that are worth to be followed when writing essays in class.

Each student will probably agree that writing academic essays is hardly a simple task. However, all teachers consider these written assignments to be the best option in developing the student’s critical independent thinking and coping with challenging tasks. The majority of students acknowledge that essays against death penalty are nearly the most complicated of the existing types of written essays, because they imply defending your point of view as persuasively as possible. Moreover, this topic is quite controversial and requires profound deliberations.

How is it possible to win the essay competition? This question is urgent for thousands of people, who try their bests in this type of writing contests. If you consider yourself to be a gifted essay writer and essay contests are your forte, you may benefit from taking part in essay contests. Essay writing presupposes sharp mind, specific skills and considerable experience. No matter what objectives you pursue when entering essay competitions, this article will provide you with a number of tips as how to make your essay unique and gain success in your upcoming essay contest.

Dissertation/thesis background is an inseparable part of an academic paper that is composed with an assumption that the reader possesses zero knowledge on paper topic. Thus, it would not be reasonable to analyze the problem without briefing readers on paper problems and topics. This is, so to say, introductory and elementary information without which it would be very difficult if not impossible to understand what is the paper is all about. In the following paragraphs we will share a few dissertation background writing tips.

Internet Search Made Easy
April 23, 2022

Today’s student perhaps cannot imagine the process of writing academic papers without the Internet. Moreover, most of them cannot imagine their education and even the whole life without the World Wide Web. In fact, a new generation has never used a computer that is not connected to the Internet. It needs saying that the Internet has replaced libraries or made most libraries go online. Internet search is a must when writing an academic paper. Even if a student is required to write about how he/she spent last summer vacations, the Internet can help. Specialized web sites offer writing tips, useful info on format and reference style requirements etc.

Plagiarized content has become a major problem in the academic world, especially in the last decade. The Internet made huge volumes of information available to everyone. It is so easy to copy and paste an essay or a research paper, submit it to your teacher or professor, pretending you have worked hard to produce such a nicely written and persuasive paper. The need for anti plagiarism software and tools has become very urgent since plagiarism is now considered a very serious offence in the academic world. Why? Well, it is better to write something on your own and make mistakes than to submit somebody else’s perfect paper.


Writing of a book report is quite an interesting task. Sure, many students do not like it, since they are required to read and analyze books. However, sometimes it is impossible to avoid tasks on writing book reports. This is where major problems begin. For some students just reading a book is not enough. Many of us simply write the plot of a book, naively thinking that such paper is a book report. Nothing of the kind! A book report should contain critique, analysis and personal viewpoints. In this article we will review the most creative and unusual ways of writing a book report.

It is very difficult to write even a simple essay without using web resources or offline media. We are living in the age of the Internet, and thus, very often there is no need to leave the comfort of your home in order to find necessary information. The Internet makes life easier, and this statement is certainly true with the academic world. Writing tasks are very common in high schools, colleges and universities. Thus, students are in a constant need of reliable sources of information. Academic databases are perhaps the best places to look for academic information. Sure thing, traditional web search can also yield positive results, but imagine databases that contain only academic papers and other relevant information. A thorough search in academic databases will most certainly end up with success. Let’s give a brief overview of post popular academic databases and their features.


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