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Over recent years, online e-libraries have got into our lives and gained more popularity than ever before, especially among students, who’re in need of information like no one else on Earth! E-libraries represent a real abundance of online advantages – any use have an opportunity in two-three clicks find the right material, regardless of her time zone, location, etc.

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Midterms are looming ahead and you’ve got no place to hide? Congrats! You’re one of millions of students all around the globe, who have the very same “diagnosis”. Anyway, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and you’re welcome to follow it! We give the light in the form of 4 basic tips on how to face with midterms challenge and survive.


If you’ve already lost your hope to generate a top class topic for a high school research paper, cheer up! We have produced a couple of useful tips to help you give preference to this or that topic and provided you with a number of topics you may pay attention to.

Grammarly Review
July 22, 2022

Although Grammarly is not software in principle, this web grammar check service includes integration of MO (Microsoft Office), which gives you an opportunity to check your piece in MO, Outlook or even Power Point. After downloading this easy-to-use add-in, you will see a menu toolbar that will pop up in the Microsoft Office program you select to make use of. Nonetheless, the first and foremost function of Grammarly lies in web grammar check service with some degree of functionality in offline mode.


grammarly review tips

Global warming is a topic people talk about at ever corner. When you’re assigned the task to generate an essay about global warming, first thing you should do is to make sure you’re well-aware of what global warming is. In several words average temperature increase on the earth stands behind global warming. This is the cause of atmosphere chaos (forest fires, more rains than usually, etc.)

How is it going with the promise you’ve given yourself to read more and, as the result, improve your writing? After reading the most fascinating story about how to write the best paper underneath the stars and absorbing all possible pieces of advice from some writing guide of 1000 pages written by home-made writers, here comes some precious and absolutely uncompromising knowledge from the legendary businessman David Ogilvy. The message he sent on September, 7, 1982 to all agency personnel, included priceless recommendations on how to write and do writing professionally.

College application essay is a great chance for a future student to streamline the process of application like some sort of an Olympic swimming suit. As far as personal statement goes, it means producing one essay instead of many. In this article we provide you with several basic tips on how to generate your personal statement. On the one hand, you’ve got millions of essay topic choices, on the other hand tons of choices usually do not make things clearer (have you ever tried to find at least something good on the 678 channel?). Here are some general tips on how to show yourself from the right perspective.

Let’s start from what you’ve probably already got used to – reading! Read as much as you can. Even if you deal with a book that doesn’t hook your attention, try to figure out why the creative writing actually does not attract you. Are the characters of the book too thin? Or perhaps there are too many digressions in the context? The point is that you have a great opportunity to learn way more from a poor book extract than from the one written brilliantly! Make sure to take notes of how your favorite book author builds tension or sets a book scene. Take a glance at poets and of how they make use of imagery and line breaks.

Finally, summer has come! That means hanging out on the beach with best friends, sleeping in, watching movies and favorite TV shows and… summer reading, of course. A lot of students will put off and then cram all of their college summer reading into the very last week of vacations. However, if you make a decision to do a really little reading every day in summer, you will definitely complete your reading list for summer absolutely stress-free and still have enough time to have fun and enjoy vacations.

Punctuation Tips
July 17, 2022

Unfortunately, even the smallest punctuation mistakes students tend to make in their papers can mess up the final college grade. As a result, students have to put off academic career and start a bitter struggle with punctuation failures. Read and remember these basic punctuation tips to make your college life better, smarter, wiser and faster. Every tip is worked out by qualified editors and expert writers so that you can easily call them real Gurus!

Classification essay as a type of academic writing which doesn’t leave much freedom for interpretation, like it is with some other kinds of essays. It is exactly what is said on the package – in the process of writing you are supposed to divide things into logically understandable categories.


In order to write a good classification essay you should follow a simple set of rules.

So, the time to reveal your wealthy writing skills has come? Hold back your panic and remember, you’re a potential “A+” writer. All you need to do is to get familiar with short and clear recommendations provided below to help you avoid the most common mistakes students make in the writing process and mess up their grade, as the result.

There are some really good ways to get high quality free writing help and information on writing project that you can use later or implement straight away! There are just a few options available for free and we’ll take a good look at some of them.

Below we provide students with classic and alternative tips on how to accomplish a high quality book report. First thing for you to know is that all ideas in some way were inspired by The New York Times while the others were politely shared by college and university students from all over the globe.

A case study is considered to be a form of research of social science. It is usually used in professional and academic settings as a type of research method. However, instead of making use of a survey or any other experiment form, an occasion or occurrence will be studied. In order to cope with this, a researcher (or a group of researchers) will gather info on a particular person (or a group of individuals) and then present it. Later, the results will be recorded, but only after information has been properly evaluated and the event has been carefully studied and looked at. The key task of a researcher is to look for a common theme or thread to create, or prove, their case.


You may ask 10 people about how to generate a high quality reaction paper and you will definitely get 10 absolutely different responses. Nobody seems to really know how to accomplish one, yet almost every student is assigned with the task to cope with a reaction paper at some point of his academic career. Here is a handy guidance on how to do a reaction paper with the minimal losses. In this article we have provided an example of what the tutors are usually looking for in a professionally completed reaction paper. Nevertheless, remember, that every tutor has his own requirements: some will want you to provide more “evaluating” or “analyzing” in the content, while the other one may require you to provide your personal reactions to the piece. The best recommendation is to ask your professor for clarification. What is more, you may even provide him with the guidance given below to revise it to give his expectations.

Figures in Writing
July 11, 2022

When writing a scientific text, you can hardly avoid using numerals; and sometimes one has to use them even in writing on subjects less concerned with numbers – for example, literature or linguistics. Generally people just use them without thinking about the details – and many of them would probably be very much surprised to find out that figures in writing are used in accordance with a very definite set of rules. For you not to make any mistakes in this field, there are a few most important dos and don’ts about figures.

Leadership as It Is
July 10, 2022

If you take a close look at dictionary definitions, you’ll see that the notion of “leadership” is presented as “the process in which some person exerts influence on the group of some individuals in order to reach a commonly planned goal”. All the goals are usually accomplished by properly organized behaviour and teamwork. A true leader, or, let’s say, a “goal-keeper”, applies every single effort to hold up positivity and to keep the others on the track to some specified goal.

Essay writing task is a common assignment students usually face. You’ve an opportunity to study this topic in many different tones, such as persuasive, informative or argumentative. Moreover, different viewpoints on this subject can be generated. Let’s find out how an essay on abortion of persuasive type can be accomplished effectively.

Case Study Key Points
July 09, 2022

Essentially, case studies stand for narratives written on the problem-solution basis. However, in order to make certain your case study project communicates your message straight to the target audience, you have to be 100% sure it includes seven points that go next.


Your task is to determine what your project will be about. Think about the problems you have discussed in class or people you’d like to write your case study about. Start your work with researching at local library or global web in order to focus on a specific problem or challenge.

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