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Custom essay writing is about concentrating your thoughts on a particular topic and putting them down according to a certain structure. Before you create your own paper, make sure you’re aware of all the basic must-haves of a successfully written essay.

Good news, buddy! In our everyday lives we actually are in need of stress. Thus, if you’re getting through the essay writing hell and it makes you nervous – you’re really facing what the doctor ordered. Before you give up your efforts to make an essay on your own and pay someone to write an original paperlearn how to stay cool in the process and handle the assignment!

Having done everything in order to write an essay on your own, you finally decide to purchase it from the web. You have successfully googled an essay writing service, investigated several websites and eventually made your decision. But wait. You feel like it’s too early to press the “Order Now” button. You feel uncertain about the quality of the essay. On the one hand, you face the project you will hardly be able to complete on your own, but on the other hand, the voice deep inside tells you to study it before spend all the money you have on a piece of writing.

If you’re a college or university student, you definitely know that sometimes there are situations when you’re in a desperate need to find someone you can pay to write essay for you. It’s quite understandable, because you are busy with everyday assignments, which should be done in time and somehow combined with your private life. Online custom writing is your chance to get additional time to focus on more important things in life and get along with your friends and family.


Global warming is a topic people talk about at ever corner. When you’re assigned the task to generate an essay about global warming, first thing you should do is to make sure you’re well-aware of what global warming is. In several words average temperature increase on the earth stands behind global warming. This is the cause of atmosphere chaos (forest fires, more rains than usually, etc.)

College application essay is a great chance for a future student to streamline the process of application like some sort of an Olympic swimming suit. As far as personal statement goes, it means producing one essay instead of many. In this article we provide you with several basic tips on how to generate your personal statement. On the one hand, you’ve got millions of essay topic choices, on the other hand tons of choices usually do not make things clearer (have you ever tried to find at least something good on the 678 channel?). Here are some general tips on how to show yourself from the right perspective.

Classification essay as a type of academic writing which doesn’t leave much freedom for interpretation, like it is with some other kinds of essays. It is exactly what is said on the package – in the process of writing you are supposed to divide things into logically understandable categories.


In order to write a good classification essay you should follow a simple set of rules.

Leadership as It Is
July 10, 2022

If you take a close look at dictionary definitions, you’ll see that the notion of “leadership” is presented as “the process in which some person exerts influence on the group of some individuals in order to reach a commonly planned goal”. All the goals are usually accomplished by properly organized behaviour and teamwork. A true leader, or, let’s say, a “goal-keeper”, applies every single effort to hold up positivity and to keep the others on the track to some specified goal.

Essay writing task is a common assignment students usually face. You’ve an opportunity to study this topic in many different tones, such as persuasive, informative or argumentative. Moreover, different viewpoints on this subject can be generated. Let’s find out how an essay on abortion of persuasive type can be accomplished effectively.

Informative essay is a very well-defined kind of academic text, with clearly set rules and principles. Here are some guidelines that can help you in writing texts of this kind.

In order to obtain GED (general education diploma), every applicant is required to know how to accomplish the finest quality basic GED essay. This project will be examined by only 2 readers and reviewed on a scale from 1 to 4. The least possible score you may get is 1, which means you will have to rewrite GED essay if 1 score is obtained. If you get 2 points or even higher, your score will be then combined with the test multiple choice part in order to outline the final score.

Nowadays, every individual around the globe will with assurance tell you that Barack Obama has become one of the most high-ranking African Americans in history. Being only 43 years of age, Barak Obama has gone through both diverse legal and political career. Born in Hawaii, in the family of a white mother and a father from Kenya, Barak Obama has entered Columbia University that he has later successfully graduated from in order to later be occupied in organizing a housing project of public nature on the South Side of Chicago.

This article aims to review tips for an empirical work, as it is an essential part of conducting the research. You are a student or research analyst, then, you have to know the approach and structure, methods and techniques in order to complete your empirical work. You are an entrepreneur, and you want to apply the results of the empirical work for your business purposes, then you need to be sure that it was conducted correctly. Hence, being familiar with simple tips for the correct study is very crucial regardless of your final objective.

Empirical work is connected with experience which we gain from the experiment and it involves observation, evaluation, data collection, implications of the results. To conduct an empirical research you should state clearly what is the aim of your research, what is to be investigated, what you are trying to achieve and which impact it might have on the subject you are exploring.

Grant Writing Tips
April 23, 2022

You have a great idea but you are not sure whether you are able to put it into practise. Particular amount of money is needed to fund certain projects. To get credit is not an option for you, because you already have two: one for a house, and one for a car... Don’t give up your brilliant idea, don’t sell it, get a grant!

You can receive your grant as a student or as a businessman, as a researcher or as a non-profit organization. It is really important to know how to write your project, so it will be chosen among the others and will be financed. Even if grant writing varies across different areas, we’ll try to highlight the most useful tips.

The PhD academic degree is the peak achievement students can get to in their academic aspirations.

The writing you’re assigned with at this level will be one of the most difficult things you have to go through. Both the circumstances and the requirements of wiring will 100% differ from what you have already encountered in the years of your under graduation period.

If you’d like to convince your readers to agree with your viewpoint or do something, persuasion is the best way to present your case that others find useful to agree with. You just provide them with an offer they cannot refuse, but make sure you’re not manipulative. Luckily, there are many techniques that can ease your life and they actually work!

Provide your readers with the reasons WHY

You should know that the word “because” has a huge power. The point is that your reader will easily agree with you if you simply provide him with a reason WHY…even if it makes no sense. The thing is that we do not like to be asked to take some action without logical and reasonable explanation. When you need people around you to become receptive to your way of thinking, always provide the reasons why!

What is critical thinking?

If you take a look at any dictionary definition of critical thinking, you’ll definitely get lost among all those hard-to-understand complex words combinations. To set you free from it, we provide you with a short description of critical thinking process and things you should do as a critical thinker.

Critical thinking is rationally ordered process of skilfully and actively conceptualizing, utilizing, synthesizing, analyzing and weighing up information you have generated by or gathered from personal experience, observations, reasoning, reflection or conversing, as a guide to action/belief. Critical thinking is based on universal values of intellectual nature that surpass divisions of subject matter: clarity, accurateness, exactness, reliability, relevance, solid evidence, well-thought reasons, fairness and depth.

How to Write Music Essay?
April 23, 2022

Are you assigned with the task to generate meaty music essay? The firs thing you have to ponder over for a while is the fact that music is an art that has a combination of sounds as its integral part and always touches out thoughts and feelings. Surely, there is a huge number of music types and thus, you always have something to say about one of them for the reason that life line of every person is closely intertwined with music and everyone has his favourite style in music together with much-loved artists and songs.

It is an open secret that music is a very creative art and thus, you’ll have to deal with a very imaginative essay type. By means of this essay you’ll have an opportunity to stun your professor with lively imagination and creativity. Moreover, you’ll not just grow personally, but academically as well. Music essay writing will help you to open up for your audience.

Don’t be sad if you weren’t assigned a particular topic for the application essay for there are tons of available topics to pick from. Moreover, choosing an application essay topic will make you stand out against the background of your groupmates! That is why it is highly important for you to give preference for the topic that would result in the top notch application essay for academic purposes. Generally, your essay should be written on the basis of original and fresh information with certain amount of patience, consideration and proper planning.

While searching for an interesting topic, you should give preference to something that is attractive for you and for your audience. Once you’re ready with your choice, make sure you’ve got enough material to study and dig information. It is recommended to avoid application essay topics of ambiguous and weird nature.

For more than once in the New York Times Magazine widely known critics considered their colleague Harold Bloom to be the most prominent among the critics. He has truly become one of the most terrific professionals in this industry for the reason that every single thing about him is simply outsized: high-spirited eccentricity, an encyclopedic intellectual potential and an enormous love of literature sphere. This famous in the world of literature author has learnt how to hit the most sensitive nerves of a culture with his provocative, bright, creative and timely ideas.

Among a huge number of famous critics who have worked on Shakespearean literature, prominent Harold Bloom has truly become one of the most remarkable. In the presentation of the book titled “Hamlet”, Harold Bloom misinterpretates more than one aspect of the story written by William Shakespeare providing what is generally known as efforts repudiation. For this reason, Harold Bloom’s approach to the play “Hamlet” is considered to be splendid in a couple of ways; first of all for his view on the main characters of the play. Talking about the character of Hamlet, Bloom’s Hamlet is so many-sided that he actually possesses every possible quality while the other character Horatio is absolutely empty, so, that the author has nothing to say about. Moreover, Harold Bloom is 100% sure that Ophelia committed suicide while the other critics believe it was just an accident or even a fool play!

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