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Prompts for Definition Essay on Love

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A definition essay on love is the type of writing that will be defining the term of ‘love’. Since definition essay on love is quite a broad subject, the way this essay is accomplished is up to the writer. When writing definition essays on love, you have to make certain to:

    • Clearly understand the term ‘love’. Make certain to thoroughly and in details research the term ‘love’ so that your reader could 100% understand the definition. Make sure you do not use definition dictionaries when you are working on a definition essay on love. You have to use your own words and phrases and information you have gathered in the process of research.
    • Ensure that the material you have found is easy to understand and the details are concise, easily comprehendible and clear.
    • Make certain definition essays on love include a little part of yourself. You may add some anecdotes and personal information too.

    The term ‘love’ can be defined in many different ways. You may use a lot of different methods depending on how you are going to go about creating a definition essay. These methods are:

    • Analyzing. This method can be used to break up the term ‘love’ into several parts and then describe every part one by one.
    • Comparison. This method means that you have to compare the term ‘love’ to its opposite side. This way is useful because it helps your reader to understand the term ‘love’.
    • Various details. As many details as you can provide will give your reader an opportunity to know more specifics about the term ‘love’. Thoughts on the term ‘love’ or background information, internal and physical attributes – every detail will help your reader understand the concept of ‘love’.
    • Negation. Negation can help you to show your reader what the term of ‘love’ is not.
    • Anecdotes & real life examples. These tools are quite useful if you need to provide a definition for love because it is an abstract term.
    • Causes & origins. These tools help you cover the background of the term ‘love’ and where it comes from.
    • Causes, effects and results. These methods are useful in case if you need to provide information about what the term of ‘love’ does to civilizations or individuals.

    Definition essay on love outline should include:

    • The introduction section. In this section you narrow down the term ‘love’ and provide the basic information about it.
    • The body. Provide additional basic information about the term ‘love’ in the 1st paragraph of the body section. The other paragraphs should include information and examples. Remember to include the definition together with ideas of contrast nature and additional information.
    • The conclusive section. Provide the term restatement you have mentioned in the introduction using other words. Make sure to restate the key points and tie the whole paper together.

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